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Early Birds!

For all you Early Birds, this is better than catching worms – its catching a great, but inexpensive gift that will suit all ages and all genders.  Get your tickets here!

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Michelangelo Buses hit the streets!

If you’re anywhere near the centre of Auckland now, don’t be surprised if you see buses like these reminding you of the exhibition – MICHELANGELO A Different View – opening in the Aotea Centre on the 3rd of January.

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Keep an eye out!

This week some 80 train stations serving the entire Auckland area will be displaying the imagery you see here. Keep an eye out!

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Further to last week’s blog, a quarter of a century later Michelangelo returned to the Sistine Chapel to execute the Last Judgment for Pope Paul 111. In the intervening period Rome had been sacked and the papacy humiliated. Gone was Michelangelo’s faith in man’s power...

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The World of Michelangelo

(from the Time-Life book ‘The World of Michelangelo’ by Robert Coughlan) Only Michelangelo could have taken on two such awesome commissions as the Sistine chapel ceilings and the Last Judgement and turned them into translucent masterpieces. He was just 33 when he...

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Michelangelo Tickets Now available

Today is the day that New Zealand general tickets become available for the extraordinary exhibition: MICHELANGELO A Different View. Opening on the 3rd of January 2022 at Auckland’s Aotea Centre, over 50 pieces will be on display, showcasing Michelangelo’s artistry...

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Quite a buzz!

Quite a buzz!   There’s been quite a buzz around Kapiti since the signage posted in my last blog went up around Waikanae, Paraparaumu and Raumati. And many people who have visited Southwards Museum and Theatre have commented on the striking image below that...

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Signage in Kapiti

Signage in Kapiti   It’s great that we’ve been able to get a week on three Community Notice Boards in Kapiti for the upcoming exclusive Kapiti concert by OLGA SHANINA at Southwards Theatre on 23 June. Here is the approved signage…This concert is attracting a lot...

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OLGA for KAPITITricia and I saw this amazing Russian opera singer, OLGA SHANINA, in Palmerston North recently, and decided we needed to have her perform in our ‘local’ – Southwards Theatre in Paraparaumu. She has agreed, and we are delighted to put her concert on sale...

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