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The Stetson Group

Stetson has been managing and producing

shows and concerts since 1973.

Below is a list of tours Stetson has presented, produced or managed since 1973. Lots of highlights, fond memories and special moments. All have entertained concert, show and theatre lovers in New Zealand, and beyond, for over 4 decades!


April 2019 – Nashville Live. (UK). 5 Cities in North Island.


October 2018 – Oh What A Night:  (USA) A tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.  (USA).  13 Cities.


Aug/Sept 2018 – Tokyo,Japan. Ken Hill’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA with John Owen Jones & Helen Power (both UK) & 33 NZ Artists, Musicians & Crew.


May 2018 – Boyzlife.  Keith Duffy & Brian McFadden (UK).  4 Cities


January 2018 – Presented THE ART OF BANKSY exhibition  in Auckland’s Aotea Centre Complex. 33 Days. In conjunction with Live Nation Middle East.


Nov 2017 – Dublin’s Irish Tenors & The Celtic Ladies (UK)  Tour


June 2017 – Justin Hayward (3 Cities) Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland


June 2017 – Million Dollar Quartet production. (UK) Auckland Season


April 2017 – Jethro Tull  (UK) Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington Auckland.


Oct 2016 – Tower Of Power  (USA) Auckland


Sept 2016 – Oh What A Night. A tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.  (USA).


April/May 2016 – Flashdance The Musical  (USA)  Auckland season.


Nov 2015 – The Beachboys  (Tauranga Baypark TSB Arena)


Nov 2015 – 10cc – Graham Gouldman, Mick Wilson and band.  (7 Cities)


May 2015 – Spandau Ballet (Original members)  (Auckland Vector Arena)


April 2015 – Let It Be. Tour  (General Managed for Annerin, Canada)


Feb 2015 – Slash  (Auckland & Wellington)


December 2014 – Jethro Tull – Best of Jethro Tull (Ian Anderson)


September 2014 – The Irish Rovers  (General Managed – NZ tour – 30 Cities)


April 2014 – Paul Potts ONE CHANCE Tour. Guest Anna Hawkins. (8 Cities)


March 2014 – Bill Haley Jr & The Comets.  13 City Tour


December 2013 – Ken Hill’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA with Peter Straker and 33 NZ Artists, Musicians and technicians. Tokyo


June 2013 – Richard Clayderman (France) Auckland & Wellington


June 2013 – Molly Ringwald (USA) – a cabaret jazz season.  (The Tuning Fork, Auckland)


May 2013 – The Seven Irish Tenors (UK) 12-city tour.


March 2013 – Oh What A Night:  A tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.  (USA).


February 2013 – The Manhattan Transfer (USA).


October 2012 – Rick Wakeman (UK):  3 Solo concerts.


August 2012 – Oh What A Night:  A tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons.  (USA)


May 2012 – Smash Hits 70’s:  Paperlace  (UK) with Eve Graham (Scotland)


April 1 2012:  YES (USA/UK)


Feb 2012 – That Country Tour – (NZ Artists from the TV series of the same name)


Nov 2011 – Vortex Tribe –  (USA)  (General Managed)


Oct 2011 – Def Leppard –  (UK) & Heart (USA)


Feb 10-24 2011– Will Martin – Southern Concert Tour 2011.


Dec 6-14  2010– [email protected]  (USA)


Nov 8-12 2010 – Robin Gibb (Music of the Bee Gees) (UK) with The Pointer Sisters (USA)


May-June 2010  – Burn The Floor  (UK)


Apr-10 – 2010 – Spandau Ballet & Tears For Fears (UK)


Jan/Feb 2010 – The Seven Irish Tenors (IRELAND/UK/USA)


July-August 09 – STARLIGHT EXPRESS A.Lloyd Webber – NZ Arena Tour.  International Company.


April-May 08 – MARILYN: FOREVER BLONDE with Sunny Thompson (USA)


Dec-07 – America (USA)


Aug-07 – Tony Orlando (USA)


Mar-07 – Glen Campbell (USA)


Mar-07 – MXPX USA)


Feb-07 – Video Games Live (USA) with Vector Wellington Orchestra


Nov-06 – Bowzer’s Rock N Roll Party (USA)


Aug-06 – Donny Osmond (USA). Auckland & Wellington


Apr-06 – Judy Collins (USA). Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland


Mar-06 – Michael Crawford (UK). Bowl Of Brooklands.  New Plymouth


Feb-06 – Russell Watson (UK) / AMICI Forever (UK)


Aug-05 – Pink Floyd Experience (NZ) – performing in Johanesburg South Africa


Jun-05 – Lucky Dube (JAMAICA)


Nov-Dec 05 – Johnny Clegg (SA) NZ & AUS Tour


Oct-05 – Dennis Locorriere (USA). Tour


Feb-05 – David Byrne – Auckland


Nov-04 – Ken Hill’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA with Peter Straker and 33 NZ Artists, Musicians and technicians. Tokyo


Aug-Oct 04 – EVITA: Rice/Lloyd Webber with Josie Walker (UK)/Rick Miller (CANADA)/ George Henare (NZ) & NZ Artists, musicians and crew.




May-04 – AMICI FOREVER (Showcase – Sky City)


May-04 -Michael Bublé (CANADA)


April-May 04 – ROCK LEGENDS(UK) – NZ and Honolulu


Nov-03 – MACHOMER – Rick Miller (CANADA)


Jun-03 – Dennis Locorriere (UK/USA)


March-May 03 – BOOGIE NIGHTS – South Africa & NZ Tour


April-May 02 – SPIRIT OF THE DANCE (UK) – NZ Tour


Sept-Dec 01 – CHICAGO The Musical with Tina Cross, Suzanne Lee, Ann Pacey, Ben Lokey (USA), Grant Bridger, Gary Lyons (UK) NZ Tour


May-July 01 – BLOOD BROTHERS by Willy Russell with Delia Hannah (NZ)








Mar-December-99 – SHEAR MADNESS – No.5 Cable St. Wellington – holds Guiness World Record as “longest theatrical run in NZ”


May-July 98 – Ken Hill’s’PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Peter Straker (UK)/Natalie Jones (AUS)/Michael Galvin/Ray Henwood/Helen Moulder/Grant Bridger(NZ) and 28 NZ Artists, Musicians and technicians.    Japan


May-98 – IPI N TOMBI – NZ Tour


Jun-09 – JEKYLL & HYDE – Melbourne (Cancelled)


Feb/March 97 – CHESS Tim Rice/Abba with Barbara Dickson (UK)/D.Metzger/D.Brathwaite (AUS). Melbourne


Nov-Dec 96 – BREAD with David Gates (USA) NZ and Australia concerts


Oct-96 – DUDLEY MOORE (UK/US) Honolulu




Jan-March 96 – Ken Hill’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA with Peter Straker (UK)/Maria Batchelor (NZ)/M.Mclean(UK)/G.Henare (NZ) and 29 NZ Artists, Musicians and technicians. Japan 13 City Tour


Aug-Dec 95 – Ken Hill’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA with Robert Grubb/Penny Brister/Noel Ferrier/G.Henare and 29 NZ Artists, Musicians and technicians. AUS Tour


Jan-May 95 – THE NEW ROCKY HORROR SHOW. Stewart Devenie/Tina Cross/Jennifer Ward-Lealand/Mark Hadlow. NZ


July-Dec 94 – BLOOD Willy Russell. Delia Hannah (AUS)/Stefan Dennis (UK)/Ross Girven (NZ) AUS Tour


March-Aug 94 – BLOOD BROTHERS by Willy Russell. Delia Hannah (AUS)/Stefan Dennis (UK)/Ross Girven (NZ) NZ Tour


April-Aug 93 – Ken Hill’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA with Bogdan Kominowski (UK/NZ)/Mike McLean (UK) and 31 NZ Artists, Musicians and technicians. NZ Tour


Jun-93 – The Chieftains (IRELAND)


Jun-92 – THE INVISIBLE MAN by Ken Hill. West End, London.


Jun-92 – Ken Hill’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.  Peter Straker/Christina Collier (UK) and 31 NZ Artists, Musicians and technicians. Japan & Philiipines


1991/92 – Ken Hill’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – with Peter Straker. UK Tour and West End, London.  Cast, Band and Muscians from UK.


Jan-April 92 – CHESS: Delia Hannah (NZ)/Tommy Korberg (SWEDEN)/Murray Head (UK)/Derek Metzger (NZ)


Jan-91 – Peter Skellern (UK)


Jan-91 – BB King (USA)


Jul-90 – Ken Hill’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (US Production & Company.) Honolulu.


Jun-90 – Ziggy Marley. (USA)


April/May-90 – Judy Mowatt & her World Band (USA)(Plus 12 Tribes of Israel)


Mar-90 – Barbara Dickson (UK)


July-Sept 89 – EVITA: Rice/Lloyd Webber: Stephanie Lawrence (UK)/Glenn Shorrock (Aus)/D Weatherley/D Hannah(NZ) Sydney


Jan-89 – BB King and Band (USA)


Nov-88 – Midnight Oil (AUS) Honolulu


May-88 – CATS (US Production) – Arena NBC. Honolulu


Feb-88 – Midnight Oil (AUS)/Joe Walsh (USA)/Herbs (NZ)


Aug-87 – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra-Yehudi Menuhin (UK)/Julian Lloyd Webber (UK)/Glen Campbell (USA)


Aug-87 – Alison Moyet (UK)


Apr-87 – THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK by Mike Batt.-Royal Charity Concert,Albert Hall London/Duchess of York


Mar-87 – The Mockers (Andrew Fagan) (NZ)


Nov-86 – PIRATES OF PENZANCE- Peter Noone (USA)/Jane Gregory (UK)/Andy Anderson/Andrew Fagan/George Henare/Dorothy McKegg. (NZ)


Feb-86 – Stevie Ray Vaughan / Fabulous Thunderbirds (USA)


Dec-85 – Tim Rice & Friends/Elaine Paige/Tommy Korberg & Andrew Powell Orchestra (UK)


Jul-85 – Iron Maiden


May-85 – Nik Kershaw (UK)


Apr-85 – EXTREMITIES with Jaimie Lyn Bauer (USA)/George Henare. (NZ). Theatre Production.


Mar-85 – Twisted Sister (USA). Auckland


Feb-85 – Best of British-Dave Dee,Dozy,Beaky,Mick & Tich/Tremeloes/Marmalade (UK)


Nov-84 – Stevie Ray Vaughan (USA)


Aug-84 – EVITA: Rice/Lloyd Webber. (post Hawaii) with D.Takle/J.Moriarty/D.Weatherley. NZ Tour


Jul-84 – Motorhead (UK)




May-84 – Elvis Costello (UK)


Apr-84 – Uriah Heep (UK)


Apr-84 – EVITA: Rice/Lloyd Webber with Darien Takle/Jim Moriarty/David Weatherley (NZ) Honolulu


Dec-83 – Manhattan Transfer (USA)


Nov-83 – BEECHAM: Timothy West(UK) and Terry Wale(UK). NZ Theatre Tour


Oct-83 – EVITA: Rice/Lloyd Webber with Karyn O’Neill (AUS) Jim Moriarty/David Weatherley. (NZ) Brisbane


Aug-83 – Rowan Atkinson in Revue (UK). NZ Tour


May-83 – Beatlemania (USA)


Apr-83 – Joni Mitchell (USA)


Feb-83 – George Thorogood (USA)


Dec-82 – Hot Chocolate (UK)


Nov-82 – IPI TOMBI (SA)


Sep-82 – Chinese Acrobats- from People’s Republic of (CHINA)


Aug-82 – THEY’RE PLAYING OUR SONG with Ellie Smith (NZ) & John Hamill (USA). Theatre Production


Mar-82 – EVITA: Rice/Lloyd Webber with Michele Breeze (UK),Jim Moriarty,David Weatherley (NZ) NZ Tour


Feb-82 – The Clash (UK)


Jan-82 – Devo (USA)


Nov-81 – ROSE-Ray Lonnen (UK)/Judy Cornwell (UK)/Davina Whitehouse/Jean Heywood.( NZ)


Oct-81 – Gheorghe Zamfir (RUMANIA)


Sep-81 – Tom Waits (USA)


Aug-81 – George Thorogood & The Destroyers (USA)


Jun-81 – IPI TOMBI with Sandy Mokwena (SA)


Mar-81 – Margie Gillis (CANADA)


Mar-81 – STEPS, NOTES & SQUEEKS with Maina Gielgud/Svetlana Beriosova (UK)


Nov-80 – Roy Orbison (USA)


Oct-80 – MONKEY WALK with Patrick Mower & Suzanne Danielle (UK). NZ. Theatre Tour


Jul-80 – B 52’s (USA)


Jul-80 – The Ramones (USA)


Jul-80 – Rory Gallagher (UK)


Jun-80 – Gary Numan (UK)


May-80 – Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (USA)


Oct-79 – NIGHT & DAY – Lynette Davies (UK)/Donald Burton (UK)/Ray Henwood/Michael Haigh. (NZ). Theatre Tour


Jul-79 – Dolly Parton USA)


Jun-79 – Talking Heads (USA)


Jun-79 – John McLaughlin (USA)


Jan-79 – Uriah Heep (UK)/Dragon (NZ)


Dec-78 – The Hues Corporation (USA)/Bill & Boyd (AUS)


Aug-78 – THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW by Richard O’Brien. with Gary Glitter (NZ)


Jul-78 – The Byrds – (Roger McGuinn,Gene Clark,Chris Hillman) (USA)


Jun-78 – Seals & Crofts (USA)


Apr-78 – Leo Sayer (UK)


Dec-77 – Bill & Boyd (AUS)


Nov-77 – Osibisa (UK)


Oct-77 – Jose Feliciano (USA)


Aug-77 – Alice Cooper – Film


Jul-77 – Reg Varney (UK)


Jun-77 – The Hues Corporation (USA)


Jan-77 – Sherbet (AUS)


Jan-77 – The Glitter Band (UK)/Mark Williams (NZ)


Nov-76 – Roger Whittaker with Saffron (UK)


Aug-76 – The Seekers (With Louisa Wisseling) (AUS)/Dave Loggins (USA)


Aug-76 – Jean Luc Ponty (FRANCE)


Aug-76 – America (USA)


Apr-76 – Henry Mancini and Orchestra (USA)


Jun-76 – Roger Whittaker (UK)


Apr-76 – The Seekers (AUS)


Mar-76 – Gene Pitney (UK)


Mar-76 – Hues Corporation (USA) /Paul Terry (NZ)


Jan-76 – The Hollies /Pete Wingfield (UK)


Nov-75 – Michael Nesmith (USA)


Nov-75 – Glen Campbell (USA) with Bill & Boyd (AUS)


Oct-75 – Helen Reddy (USA/AUS)


Sep-75 – Hues Corporation (USA)


Sep-75 – Electric Light Orchestra (UK/USA)


Jun-75 – Gary Glitter & The Glitter Band (UK)


Mar-75 – Paper Lace/Steve Allen (UK)


May-75 – Rory Gallagher #1 (UK)


Mar-75 – WHO SAW HIM DIE? with Stratford Johns (UK)/Lee Montague (UK)


Dec-74 – Glen Campbell (USA)/Bill & Boyd (NZ)


Nov-74 – Kenny Rogers & The 1st Edition #3/John Stewart (USA)


Oct-74 – Lou Reed (USA)


Jul-74 – Lobo (USA), with Shona Laing & The Rumour (NZ)


Jul-74 – Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge (USA)


Jun-74 – Albert Hammond/George Baker (USA)


May-74 – Blue Mink (UK)/Jessica Jones (SA)


Mar-74 – Kenny Rogers & 1st Edition #2 (USA)


Apr-73 – Kenny Rogers & 1st Edition #1/Mike Settle (USA)


Mar-73 – Carmen Macrae (USA)


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