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The road to entrepreneurship is often a treacherous one filled with unexpected detours, roadblocks and dead ends. There are lots of sleepless nights, plans that don’t work out, funding that doesn’t come through and customers (ticket purchasers) that never materialize! It can be so challenging to launch a business that it may make you wonder why anyone willingly sets out on such a path.  For The Macpherson’s, launching STETSON PRODUCTIONS in 1973 was the start of an unknown journey to which Tricia & Stewart have given their all – and are so very grateful for all the support, care and friendships made along the way.


Stewart & tricia

Stetson’s early days were very much a case of learning ‘on the job’, but it didn’t take too long to develop into a professional business. Both Stewart and Tricia have a single goal – to always have the best show on the stage at every performance – which entails looking after a tour in great detail. Their satisfaction comes from stimulated and appreciative audiences … and a happy touring company.

They have toured hundreds of Artists (see HISTORY) – many have made return visits to New Zealand. Stewart’s contact and working relationship with overseas Managements & Agents is an integral part of Stetson.

Stetson’s reputation has travelled afar, so overseas tours are a specialty – Australia, Japan, Korea, Europe, Asia, Hawaii. Being involved with local Producers has been a source of interest and excitement as well as working in another culture. There have been many, many, happy and memorable tours.

Stewart and Tricia have different skills. They enjoy working together – and have proven they make a strong team.  In the main, all concerts and theatrical productions Stewart & Tricia have been to see before making any commitment to produce or present it themselves.

On a personal note Tricia and Stewart have for over 40 years been based on farmland in Waikanae, just north of Wellington on the Kapiti Coast. Several years ago their farmland was subdivided  to become the  STETSON ESTATE, on which they built their forever home.

Their sons Ande & Scott were raised on the land. Both now are parents themselves and when not touring, the Macphersons are likely to be in the UK mixing business with pleasure – catching up with their 5 very special grandchildren. Scott & Susie (with Jessica & Max) live in Edinburgh –  Ande & Claire (with Archie, Toby and Darcy) – live in Worsley, Manchester, UK.


Stewart macpherson

Stewart’s working career started as the ‘boy’ in a bank, which he found very boring. After some truck driving he became a trainee school teacher, during which time he was selected to be the host of the first ever pop music show on the infancy of television broadcasting in New Zealand, in a show called “In The Groove” based on the BBC show, “Juke Box Jury”.  With a taste of showbiz, it wasn’t long before his career moved on into radio and television not only in New Zealand, but also Australia and the UK. There came a time when his involvement with music and broadcasting naturally evolved into concert promotion, and so the die was cast.


tricia macpherson

Tricia began her working life as an audio technician – firstly in radio in Wellington (1964) and then at DECCA Record’s  recording studios, London.  Tricia started working in the Stetson Production’s office in 1979. Her eye for detail, love of all things technical and interest in people meant that she found her niche in the touring side of Stetson. As a result she has been travelling  New Zealand (and overseas) with Artists for many years – and values the network of friends and colleagues that she has built as a result.  Since Tricia started touring, she has seen many changes – the biggest she says is going from working with pencil and paper and a calculator to now being tied to her Macintosh laptop, iphone and iPad.


Jenny Adlam

Jenny started with Stetson in February 2012 – she is now a well established and valued member of the Stetson team – Jenny makes financials fun!.  An accountant (with a difference!), Jenny supports Tricia with all the financials (and many other things besides) – and is an expert when it comes to XERO web-based accounting.   Jenny produces timely and accurate reports – crucial for offshore Managements, and for Stewart & Tricia when they are ‘on the road’ touring.
Jenny adds spice, laughter and sartorial splendour to the Waikanae office!!  Go Jenny!


our supporters


Sandra Roberts – Entertainment publicist. Known by all as “Skip”.  We appreciate her skill and knowledge of the business….. only Skip can develop storylines from very little information!

Skip’s contacts, combined with her creativity and great sense of fun – mean she is a delight to work with and be around.  We value her friendship.

Not scared to push a barrow – she drives us on endlessly to achieve the goal of selling maximum tickets. 


Thanks to Peter & Loren van Gent and also Paul Randall – they’ve been on the road with us for many, many tours.  Their passion for their craft is palpable.  

Creative and practical – they give every show a special energy on stage – visually and aurally. Peter has the best ears in the business.


Josh Apperley – Simpel Ltd handles Stetson’s Digital Media, as well as Stetson’s website.

Josh is a recent arrival into the Stetson team … whatever did we do without him?  A younger mind and different interests – his support is timely in this day and age of all things digital.

His skills include videoing, photography and digital marketing – a delight to have in the theatre working with an Artist/company on specific occasions.


Whilst Jenny Adlam handles all our day to day accounting and all our accounts – Tony Richardson of CAPITAL ACCOUNTING ASSOCIATES has been alongside us for many, many years and we’re delighted that he continues to support us. His knowledge and friendship we value.