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13 August 2020

Earlier this week Tricia and Stewart spent a day in Auckland at a conference arranged by NZME (NZ Media & Entertainment) at which we were entertained first thing by an impromptu 20 minutes or so “chat” by Mike Hosking, and then some fun stuff with Toni Street and...

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What has been our favourite show?

What has been our favourite show?   Having produced, presented or promoted well over 600 shows in our history so far, we keep getting questions about “what was your favourite show” or “who has been your most successful Artist” etc., and it is extremely difficult...

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Are you ‘California Dreaming’?

Are you ‘California Dreaming’? Very hard for any of us to go there right now, and would we want to? Regardless, the star cast of YESTERDAY ONCE MORE are working on their moves for when they come to NZ next March/April. Not only will they be performing the California...

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The Stetson Group is on the move!

The Stetson Group will soon be on the move, and this office will be re-shaped and re-designed into a new home/office building at 18 Stetson Rise, Waikanae.  The current home at 206 Ngarara Road, Waikanae has just been put up for sale by Richard Dow of Ray White, and...

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Recently we spoke with the management of YESTERDAY ONCE MORE who remain optimistic about performing the new schedule of March/April 2021 that you’ll see on our website. What has been very encouraging has been the number of people who have retained their tickets from...

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The Stetson Group would like to acknowledge the following Partners for their continued support.


Tony Richardson – superb business input over 40 years as well as  XERO support. Thanks Tony – we enjoy the friendship and care.

PETER van GENT:   

Thanks Peter and Loren. Your touring production values are special and  appreciated. Thanks for that ‘extra mile’ each tour.


Thanks Greg – we’ve climbed many mountains over these last 42 years – been fun doing it with you guys.  A special man.


Thanks Bill for your support and care with all our Apple products.  Your keeping us ‘in touch’ as we move around on the tours and overseas is much appreciated.


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