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ONE HALF PASSES   Sad to report that one half of Bill & Boyd recently passed away in Sydney after a long illness. Boyd is living back in New Zealand and was very upset on hearing this even though it was inevitable. Our paths crossed in the early 60’s when...

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KEEPING THEATRE-GOING SAFE   One of Stetson Group’s producer colleagues in the UK has engaged a British company CW Smart Tech to assist in making theatre-goers comfortable about attending shows. They have come up with some temperature-checking technology to be...

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All at sea?

All at sea?Back in the very early days of Stetson Productions we had great assistance from a number of enthusiastic youngsters whose eyes lit up at the prospect of having a taste of rock ‘n roll!  One of these enthusiasts was Peter McArthur from Lower Hutt, who Tricia...

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ANOTHER TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE! When I wrote of a nostalgic trip in last week’s blog, the response was such that it seemed like one more (for now) trip down memory lane might be in order.This trip relates to a very special concert that Tricia and I presented in...

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A NOSTALGIA TRIP As many of you know the Stetson Group are moving – albeit just a couple of hundred metres from our current location – but that does mean downsizing. As a result a lot of our history has been photographically archived, and occasionally I’ll put a few...

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Curtains! Oh dear, our friends in show business in the UK are having the curtains lowered on them yet again. Not that we are much better given the fear that people still have about being together in confined spaces, but at least we can have performances.  ...

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THE SHOW MUST GO ON! West End's Palace Theatre to reopen with charity concerts BY GIVERNY MASSOThe Palace Theatre, where Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was running.A concert celebrating West End musicals held in aid of theatrical charities has been announced to...

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The Times They Are A-Changin

The Times They Are A-Changin’   This is what Bob Dylan sang in 1963, which Stewart was playing on radio. Just 10 years later Stetson Productions was formed, and “the times they are a-changin” as we move to a new home and new (smaller) office just a stone’ s throw...

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Broadway to remain closed until U.S. summer of 2021

Broadway to remain closed until U.S. summer of 2021 The Broadway League has announced yet another extension of the stage shutdown in New York City. The organization confirmed that it is suspending ticket sales and performances through May 30, 2021, marking more than a...

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2 SHOOTING STARS In the past week two of the many celebrated performers that Tricia and I have had the pleasure of working with, and presenting have left this mortal coil.The first was HELEN REDDY who we toured in the International Women’s Year, 1975. She was at a...

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Tony Richardson – superb business input over 40 years as well as  XERO support. Thanks Tony – we enjoy the friendship and care.

PETER van GENT:   

Thanks Peter and Loren. Your touring production values are special and  appreciated. Thanks for that ‘extra mile’ each tour.


Thanks Greg – we’ve climbed many mountains over these last 42 years – been fun doing it with you guys.  A special man.


Thanks Bill for your support and care with all our Apple products.  Your keeping us ‘in touch’ as we move around on the tours and overseas is much appreciated.


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