Recently we spoke with the management of YESTERDAY ONCE MORE who remain optimistic about performing the new schedule of March/April 2021 that you’ll see on our website. What has been very encouraging has been the number of people who have retained their tickets from the concerts that were due to be played last month, and who have contacted us with enthusiasm and excitement for these new dates for next year. “Bring it on” they say.

We’ve also been exploring a couple of other concert possibilities for next year, and you are welcome to give us feedback on these. The first is the current incarnation of the (Flying)  ‘Burrito Brothers’. Originally formed by Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman back in the late 60’s the band have continued their country rock style of show, continuing as members left or died. The current incarnation includes Chris James on keyboards and vocals, and Tony Paoletta on pedal steel. If you have 15 minutes to spare, here is a (sort of) history of the band –

The second is DSQ – the Dallas String Quartet. Young, but very talented, they describe their music works as “Where Bach Meets Bon Jovi” and you can check them out on

We would appreciate your feedback. Thanks very much.

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